Real-Time Goreans ...

There are many Goreans out there that don't just role-play the Gorean lifestyle, many of them not being role-players at all.  In fact, they live the Gorean life on a 24/7 basis.  They too call themselves Goreans and they too subscribe to the principles described in the books written by John Norman.

Are they fantasy role-players gone over the edge?  No, not at all.  They are quite sane and living a counter version of the BDSM Master/slave lifestyle that is filled with rules and protocols defined in the books of Gor.  The books give them a rule set so to speak to define their lifestyle dynamic.  A dynamic that any Gorean you talk to is likely to say, they'd practice it no other way.   This page is dedicated to those individual and the ways they take the principals of Gor from online to real life.

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If you are a real-time Gorean with both experience and a talent for writing we'd like to hear from you. is looking for content editors and contribution articles for our site.

This is a non-paid contribution, but full acknowledgment will be given for all articles posted.

If this sounds like you contact us and let us know.

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