An alter realm of reality, 'Counter-Earth' as its called by John Norman, the author and creator of the fictional world of Gor.  A planet revolving on the opposite side of our sun and ruled by the mysterious Priest Kings from deep in the Sardar Mountains.  Join us in exploring this world through the creative world of online role play.  Explore this site and learn the ways of a Gorean, then dive in and create your own alter personality through one of the many virtual chat sites linked to within this site.  We built this site as a reference manual to help you explore your deepest fantasies as a Free man or woman of Gor, or even as a Gorean slave known as a kajira.  Perhaps even as an earth person kidnapped by slavers taken to Gor to serve the Free persons of this savage world.  Check your ID and make sure you're at least 18 years of age before going further.   Then enjoy all your adult imagination can create.

*Disclaimer:  As we seek no royalties or profit from the function of this website, we have compiled the most accurate and best information available relating to Gorean role-play and will cooperate with any entity that is concerned about copy write infringements, or credit for articles written.  It is our hope that any material or knowledge gleamed from other sites prior to the creation of this site is willfully shared for the knowledge of all, providing credit is given where credit is due.

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  • Camp of Harigga (Tuchuk Wagon Camp)
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This is a collection of the John Norman books of Gor in electronic media.  Reading the one, some or all of the books is a great first step to knowing the world of Gor.

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