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We have provided this downloadable library so you have an opportunity to read the books and learn how the world of Gor works for yourself, before, or as you immerse yourself into the the world of fantasy adult role-play.   Paper-back versions of these books are still available at many used books stores, but can be hard to find, so download what you wish and join us in recreating the world of Gor online.  We hope you enjoy it.

The story of Gor is comprised in a series of 26 books detailing the world of Gor (Counter-Earth).  Each focusing on a specific facet of life on Gor.

           About John Norman

John Norman was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1931. His best known works, the Gor novels, span 26 books written 1967 to 2002, plus three installments of the Telnarian Histories, two other fiction works and a non-fiction paperback. Mr. Norman is married and has three children.


Marauders of Gor
Tribesmen of Gor
Slave Girl of Gor
Beasts of Gor
Explorers of Gor
Fighting Slave of Gor
Rouge of Gor
Guardsmen of Gor
Savages of Gor
Blood Brothers of Gor
Tarnsman of Gor Kajira of Gor
Outlaws of Gor Players of Gor
Priest Kings of Gor Mercenaries of Gor
Nomads of Gor Dancer of Gor
Assassins of Gor Renegades of Gor
Raiders of Gor Vagabonds of Gor
Captives of Gor Magicians of Gor       
Hunters of Gor Witness of Gor
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